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Goodbye to all that

I took the afternoon off so that I could finish cleaning up the old apartment, but when I got out there a little before 2 PM and met the Merry Maids crew it turned out that management had changed the locks. There was nothing to do at that point but give the guys some gas money and drop off the garage door opener, card key and other keys at the office. where the RM also asked me to draft a short note permitting them to dispose of the items left in the apartment. This I did, adding my new address and a line about not having any responsibility for the stuff left behind. I also promised to have Scott and Melody mail in their key cards, and told the RM that since the laundry cards were zeroed out we'd left them in the apartment.

I think it's pretty dumb of the management to keep me from having a crew I'm paying for clean the apartment, and if they think I'm going to pay them to have them do it they can just whistle. I figure if they're smart they'll refund all the deposit save a couple hundred to replace minor damages (broken blinds, cat-scratched molding) to avoid getting sued for the truck and the storage area, but we'll see.
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