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Katrina and the National Guard

I got into an argument with barondave on dreamshark's LJ about the Louisiana National Guard. He seems to have bought into the notion going around that with the 256th Mechanized Brigade in Iraq, the Louisiana Guard was left helpless to deal with Katrina. I pointed out that with a troop strength of over 11,000 men, the LA NG still had most of a division equivalent to deal with the problem. Streiff at redstate.org gets into a little more detail, although I think he's wrong about the 256th having no utility under the present circumstances. Everybody in the Army National Guard gets civil disturbance training in Basic, regardless of whether you're a groundpounder or a payroll clerk, and that training gets refreshed every year. As for the M9 ACE, it's basically a bulldozer built on an M1 Abrams chassis, just like its predecessor the M728 was a bulldozer built on an M60 chassis. Bulldozers would be of more use than Streiff seems to think, especially with the armor protection to keep idiots from taking potshots at the crew. Of course, there's that little problem about fuel supply...how much JP-4 do you suppose is left in New Orleans to fuel the M1 and M9s even if they weren't in Iraq?

Still, 6500 Guardsmen (what's left after the 256th was deployed) is over four times the size of the New Orleans Police Department, and hopefully not nearly as corrupt. Even if you take a few hundred off the top for admin and communications. Add in the 4500 troops arriving over the next three days (third paragraph) and things ought to calm down quite a bit. I hope.
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