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Commuting blues

Given that gas prices are $2.95 or worse pretty much everywhere around here, I figured I better take the bus in. Unfortunately, I missed the 597A I was going to catch at 82nd & Lyndale, and the 535 I was going to catch at 76th Street, and wound up riding to Southdale where I finally caught a 6 downtown. An hour late. I can make it up, but I would rather not have been late to start with. I need to do a few experimental rides to see how best to transfer between the various 4, 535, 538, 539, and 576 lines that run through this area; I also need to check out the MVTA buses that run through the 82nd Street Transit Center across the freeway. Most of all, I need to get some shoes that fit me better, because the ones I have are just too damn small now that my feet are swollen from the lymphedema.

Unpacking is going slowly. I got my stereo set up in the living room on the fancy dresser (the one with the mirror & tchotchke shelves), unpacked some more kitchen stuff, and went to bed around 10 after unpacking and setting up the other compression sleeve. We'd planned to unpack my stuff from Scott's van last night, but I guess he had to work late, since I didn't hear from him. Just as well, since I have plenty of stuff to deal with anyway.
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