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Our own waterlogged Mogadishu

Things are severely fucked up in what's left of New Orleans. Law and order has pretty much disappeared in the city, and the consensus seems to be that we should quit trying to salvage the place for now and just concentrate on getting the remaining people out of the city, especially the sick, the old, and the poor folks that can't just hop in their cars and drive away on the few unflooded roads. As you know if you've been reading interdictor's LJ, there are gangs of looters going around in boats pillaging because what's left of the NOPD is just overwhelmed and there're not enough helicopter gunships or airmobile forces in the area yet to even try and restore order at this point. Some idiots were apparently shooting at the choppers trying to plug the levee holes!

Aaron makes a good point in the above post - there was no real way to prepare for something like this. No amount of FEMA money would have had enough helicopters and boats in place, regardless of what the tinfoil hat brigade thinks. The levees weren't built to sustain this kind of damage, and couldn't be without displacing a lot of the city they were supposed to preserve...even supposing the effort didn't get tied up in court by the EPA or the Sierra Club. So bashing anyone for this disaster is the worst kind of Monday morning quarterbacking, and I'm not going to do it.

We haven't even begun to talk about Biloxi or the rest of the shattered Gulf Coast.

Meanwhile, I see that the Evil Banking Neighbor will be matching contributions to the Red Cross and a couple of other agencies once the United Way drive is underway. I'll be kicking some cash in...my life kinda sucks at the moment, but I can spare some cash for folks who are a lot worse off than I am.
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