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News from New Orleans

Cobb reminds us that things haven't been particularly easy for a lot of folks in what used to be the Big Easy even before the flooding, and provides some links that make you wonder WTF is wrong with people down there.There's also some imagery from Google Earth showing just how farked up parts of the city are. Just keep scrolling.

Instapundit has beaucoup de links on Katrina Aid, and much much more.

I heard this on Rush Limbaugh on the way in to work and thought it was pretty bizarre, but apparently folks who took refuge in the Superdome are being relocated to the Astrodome in Houston. (Via Instapundit.

A summary of what the military (Regular, Reserves and National Guard) are doing, also via Instapundit.

UPDATE: You may also want to check out interdictor, who is helping maintain a major Internet node in downtown New Orleans. He has a lot of interesting (if depressing) observations on how folks are behaving. Including the NOPD, which was noted for its corruption and inefficiency even before Katrina hit and knocked their C&C into a cocked hat. Who watches the watchmen, indeed?
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