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"She thinketh to cozen us out of our deposit..."

...but we shall lawyer up and make her spend the best blood in her belly first, to paraphrase Sir Martin Frobisher.

The apartment checkout was scheduled for 10 AM this morning, and was over in about five minutes. phoenixalpha and I had spent a frustrating couple of hours before that carrying out the last of our stuff and trying to clean the bathrooms. Realizing there was no way we were going to get the place cleaned out in a couple of hours, we tried to find a maid service, but it being the end of the month they were all pretty much booked solid. So we bagged up as much of the stuff we were going to throw out as we could. In any event, at 10 AM the resident manager came in, looked around, and refused to do the checkout. I thought this was pretty bizarre, since the sheet they'd dropped off with us had been pretty explicit about exact amounts to be charged for various things not being clean or things being broken, but hey - if she didn't want to do her job I wasn't going to force her. She had a fellow with her from the management company, who was carrying a camera, but he took no pictures and didn't have a whole lot to say after the RM left with her nose in the air, threatening to charge us for the cost of replacing the carpet, mopery and dopery, tillage and ullage, and God knows what else.

If the RM thinks our place was trashed, she badly needs a few years managing property in Phillips or Near North so she can find out what a real trashed apartment looks like...quality time with the crackheads and other such problem tenants would make her appreciate peaceful members of the bourgeoisie like yours truly much better, I think. It's not my call, though.

I'm not overly concerned. I've got a crew from Merry Maids coming in on Friday afternoon to pick up trash and clean the kitchen & bathrooms as needed, and then I'm just dropping the keys off at the office. Pictures will be taken before and after the maids hit the place, and I'll have them ready for the lawsuit that I can smell coming. We'll see who gets the worst wanging when the smoke clears.
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