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It could have been worse, part II

Started off the day with a visit to the doctor. Good news is that the BP is down, she agreed with me quitting the Lisinopril since both BP and blood sugar are down, and most other things seem to be working okay...except for my leg. She's concerned enough about the fact that the swelling hasn't gone down to order a Doppler scan of the leg to see how badly the arteries & veins are screwed up, and put me on amoxicillin to head off what seems like a resurgent infection down there. Yippee.

Stopped on the way back to the apartment for a first-class massage which made the persistent pain from the shoulder tendonitis go away along with some of the ongoing stress, and followed that with a light lunch at the apartment while Melody was sweating and swearing at UPS for not bringing her new chair from Office Depot up to the apartment. She showed me the commissioned art she'd ordered for AD, which had come in this morning, then packed her laptop and piled into the truck for the ride downtown. Somehow, when I got to my desk, I discovered that the letter from the IRS I'd put in my bag wasn't there - and when i got home, it wasn't on the table either. Damn.

For a change, I was actually busy for most of my half-day at work. Tomorrow may be a bit more of a challenge, though I'm meeting with my supervisor tomorrow afternoon to talk about more changes to procedures. That'll kill at least an hour, depending on how much time we spend shucking & jiving. Uploads ought to take another hour or so, scattered through the day in fifteen-minute increments, which will leave me with six hours in which to look busy as best I can. Unfortunately, that's something I suck at. You'd think after five-plus years in this job I'd be the Perfect Master of appearing busy, but noooo...

Tomorrow I have class, which I'll be leaving early so I can attend a concom meeting. It's the reading class, and for my opinion of it, you can look back here.
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