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The Cardboard Wall

Scored some multimedia boxes from Borders and some archival boxes from work to go with the ones I picked up Thursday night at WalMart, and put a lot of them to use tonight. All the dressers are now cleared out, all the laundry is cleaned and packed except for some that's going in my suitcase, and all that's left is the closet, where most of the stuff is already in boxes or can be quickly thrown into boxes. So I can probably wrap this up before I head out to get the lease, keys and truck. I now have a waist-high wall of boxes at the foot of my bed (which is getting trashed tomorrow) and another pile of boxes out by the front bookshelf. Still need to roll up some posters, too. Aaarg. Well, I better wrap this up and crash...0830 will be here sooner than I want to trhink about it.
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