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Households in motion, parte el segundo

Well, that was a relief. I called Crossroads at Penn to follow up on my application, which wasn't done processing yet, and not two minutes later the manager at Fremont Court called my cell phone. I called him back on the office phone, since annoyingly enough my Cingular POS phone rings inside my cube at Evil Banking Neighbor Central but can't actually receive calls. The manager told me my app had been approved, so I'll be moving to 8300 Fremont Avenue South, Apartment 302 this Saturday. As cool as it would have been to move into Richfield just a couple blocks from la maison de stuckintraffik, I'm more comfortable with Bloomington for a number of reasons, and this place is less expensive per month, partially because it doesn't have all the amenities of Crossroads.

So: as a reminder for those of you wondering what to do with yourselves this Saturday, we're having a moving party!

Show up sometime after 10 AM at the northwest stairwell of 10600 Brunswick Road South in Bloomington; I'll be along with the van and furniture dolly around 10:30 after getting the lease and keys for my new place. Packing will commence when the truck arrives, and hopefully between the U-Haul and Scott's TransSport we should be able to clear everything out in one fell swoop. After unloading all my crap at my apartment, we'll proceed to Melody & Scott's place at 4613 28th Avenue South in Minneapolis, unload the rest of the crap, and then burnination of food will commence while I return the truck and dolly. Sodas and water will be provided during the move and the BBQ. In addition to the food and fluids, you'll earn my undying gratitude, since God knows if I had to move all my stuff by myself I would surely die. Why, the effort of moving the books alone would probably kill me.
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