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It could have been worse

Picked up three ounces over the last week and I have to say I'm surprised it wasn't more, considering all the chili & tortillas I scarfed up this weekend...after that, the bottle of Negro Modelo, the Thickburger on Sunday, and the banana split on Memorial Day were just adding insult to injury. Still, after nine weeks of Weight Watchers I'm down almost eight pounds, and with a little discipline I could lose the remaining four pounds to get under 400. Anybody know where I can buy some? ^__^

In other news, I did make some progress on Blood Red Skies this weekend and avoided working on the Harry Potter/Revolutionary Girl Utena crossover fic that was born last week. OTOH, I did swap e-mails with DeathQuaker about the central relationship that drives the story to its, er, happy ending. Thus the Great American SF Novel/Anime Screenplay inches closer to completion despite all the other stuff I want to waste time writing. Yes, right now I'm agreeing with David Drake that fanfic's a waste of time because nobody's going to pay for it, though I suppose once I'm done with Blood Red Skies I might finish up some of the fics I have laying around. You have to do some kind of writing to keep in practice, and who knows? Some of those fics could turn into useful/salable stories. Blood Red Skies started off as a bastard hybrid of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Arcadia Of My Youth, and Marc Miller's space opera boardgame Imperium, after all.

My Senators are still floundering along in the middle of the pack, thanks partially to my two shortstops (Alex Guillen and Jimmy Rollins) waiting to kill the ball and steal bases until I have them on the bench. At the end of May I was in sixth, with the 7th and 8th place teams breathing down my neck. More runs! More hits! Come on, guys! Oh, and now Ben Sheets is getting dizzy spells? Gottenyu!

New Guy Alex started work today; we were introduced by Jeff when I got in, and that was about the last I saw of him as Jeff dragged him off to fill out a ton of new hire paperwork. I imagine it'll be a while before I'll be training him in on the Customer Accounting system, since Bank Accounting is short a body due to a hip replacement surgery and will be short another two soon since a couple of the clerks are pregnant. Good thing I don't need to take any extended time off until the fall, if then.

As it is...I'm taking half a day off to see the doctor tomorrow, nominally for the quarterly diabetes checkup but also to have her take a look at my right leg, the one where I had an infection back in 2002. There's a spot on it that's been hurting for the last day or so and feels warm to the touch, warmer than it ought to, and I'm thinking maybe the infection's back. Just what I need.
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