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So this is Thursday

I don't know what possessed me to take the bus in to work yesterday, knowing that I had a meeting with the hotel people last night and time to make up from Tuesday, and that I could have gotten reimbursed for the parking. Be that as it may, I bused in, bused over to the Thunderbird after work, and then bused over to Normandale Village to pick up the truck, by which time it was almost 9 PM and I was completely drained of energy. No laundry done, only half a box of DVDs and books and CDs packed. At least I got plenty of exercise hiking around the hotel and to various bus stops.

Adding to the fun, the Weight Watchers software crashed my Palm last night, inflicting a fatal error that kept me from shutting it off, so this morning it's completely drained of power, and the USB cable doesn't seem to be trickling in enough power to do any good. I'll probably have to take it home and recharge it there, download the software again...I'm beginning to think it's more trouble than it's worth.

Tonight I'm probably not going to get much done either, since I have to run up to Robbinsdale to return DVDs to Video Universe, over to the storage locker to drop off the Room Party Kit, and probably somewhere else as well before I can get home and pack things up. I should probably also get a tape gun at Office Depot, since all the ones we had before seem to have gone missing. Of course.
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