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Taste and memories

It's strange, but over the last few years a couple of things from the old C-ration seem to have crept quietly onto the shelves of the grocery stores. The first thing I noticed were the John Wayne bars, cunningly shape-changed by Hershey's and renamed Symphony bars. Same chocolate with bits of toffee in it, though. It's funny, I don't like Heath bars, but I'm excessively fond of the Sympony bars and the toffee chip cookies some bakeries carry.

The other item is canned fruit in single-serve containers. Cub has generic four-packs of mixed fruit, peaches, tropical fruit, and (IIRC) mandarin oranges on sale for a buck apiece, and since each cup is only 1 point on the Weight Watchers Flex Plan, I picked up a few. Mmmm. All I need now is the smell of warm peanut butter and gear oil. Takes me back a few years, it does.
Tags: back in the day, food
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