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Households in motion

phoenixalpha and Scott came over last night to pack up more stuff, throw out trash, and pillage the kitchen. We split the dishes and some of the silverware and utensils, I gave them most of the meat and vegetables in the freezer, and they cleared their stuff out of the fridge. They're going to be back tonight to pack more stuff up, and I'll finally get around to doing some of that myself, as well as doing laundry for the last time in this place since I'm pretty much out of work clothes.

Checked out another apartment last night on the way home. Not as many amenities as Crossroads, and it's a third-floor walkup, but on the other hand it's $34/month cheaper and I may actually be able to move my stuff in on Saturday if the approval comes through quickly enough. Plus, if they accept me I'll get the application fee back. I'm hoping for the best, but not holding my breath on either of these places. The default option is that I'll be crashing at Scott & Melody's place for a month or two and saving cash for a bigger deposit, but I'm hoping to avoid that. Still, if that's what I have to do, then that's what I'll have to do.

So what did I do last night instead of packing? Dealt with e-mail, reinstalled my WeightWatchers tracker software (which had crashed on Monday afternoon, taking my OS and associated databases with it) and listened to a couple of episodes of Kyle Hebert's Big Bald Broadcast, a podcast Kyle does with his webmaster Otherworld Steve and Maria Vu that mainly covers game stuff, anime stuff, movie stuff, and weird stuff like Christopher Lee doing a heavy metal concert. Worth listening to for the insights. I did sort through and throw more stuff out, so the packing tonight should go fairly efficiently.
Tags: tech stuff, the bush of fandom
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