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Hunting the plentiful yet somehow elusive apartment

I screwed up an appointment yesterday evening by getting two complexes confused with each other, but I did manage to get to this morning's 9 AM appointment okay. This one looks promising, though I don't want to get my hopes up too much. It's in Richfield, halfway between the present residence and the duplex phoenixalpha and Scott moved into this past weekend, and is convenient to a whole mess of stuff including stuckintraffik's place. I'm hoping to hear back from them today; they seemed very positive and helpful. Here's hoping.

No packing done last night, but I did clear a couple of bags of trash and some broken stuff out of the bedroom and its closet before going to bed early and watching Hanaukyo Maid Team. Brief review after the cut.

This is apparently the second anime version of the manga, and according to this Anime News Network review is more faithful to the manga than the first version, thus the La Verite subtitle. Basic plot involves an orphaned middle-school boy, Taro Hanaukyo, who on the day his mother dies goes to live with his grandfather, who he as never seen. On his arrival, he discovers that his grandfather has retire and left him as head of the family (and its business) and sole resident of the enormous Hanaukyo mansion, staffed with dozens of young, attractive maids who are perhaps a little too willing to please. Hilarity ensues. I thought it was an okay comedy, with the usual excessive fan service, but this is a shonen anime, after all. Fun, but I doubt I'll buy it unless it shows up really really cheap.

In other news, I dropped almost a pound of the fat I put on last week. Probably dropped more than that, but I forgot to take my wallet out of my pocket before weighing in.
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