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Donnie Darko

That was one very strange movie, and after watching it I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention. I'd been hearing people talk about it for a while, but never actually had a chance to see it, and then Sunday night during the Diversicon dead dog party it was picked by the remaining fans as the thing to see after the fourth season Farscape episodes that had been playing.

In the beginning, Donnie Darko seems to be just another teenage angst movie: the hero is the son of comfortably middle-class parents, but he's seeing a shrink due to some unspecified emotional problem. It turns out Donnie has an imaginary friend, a fiendish-looking six-foot-tall bunny rabbit who calls himself Frank, and one night in October 1988 Frank calls Donnie out of his house and down to the golf course to warn him that the world is going to end in 28 days. That's where things begin to come off the rails, because when Donnie is roused by some early-morning golfers, he comes home to find his bedroom completely demolished by a jet engine...and over time begins to realize what Frank's warning means, and what he needs to do to prevent the apocalypse. It's a strange, strange movie, but it has its moments of hilarity and sweetness in among the dire calamity. Highly recommended.
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