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Peak Oil = This year's shark attacks?

Steven Leavitt certainly thinks so. The noted author of Freakonomics applies what Glenn Reynolds referes to as "a brutal fisking" to Peter Maas' article in the New York Times that seems to have set off some of the people on my f-list. Leavitt's take on it is that not only is Maas an economic illiterate, he can't write and doesn't know jack about history either. RTWT.

As a consolation prize to my friends who will be disconsolate about not getting to live in a post-apocalyptic future, I offer the thought that Rush Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts may be losing their audiences. No, wait, sorry - it's just that people are turning to podcasts, or tuning in to local hosts. Interest in Al Franken's show does seem to be increasing, though he has a way to go before he's competitive with El Rushbo.

UPDATE Mitch Berg of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, a longtime radio pro, has some comments and context that the Strib article doesn't supply.

Speaking of the apocalypse, Professor Death comments on a couple of news articles concerning public and private teps being taken to prep for the possible avian-flu pandemic.
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