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Any time things seem to be going smoothly, it soon turns out that Murphy is in the process of sticking it to me. I finally heard back from my future landlords, who have decided they don't want to be my future landlords, and claim to have sent me notice back on the ninth. So that leaves me the rest of the week to find a place of my own or shift everything to Scott and Melody's place and postpone the search for a new place until after Anime Iowa. I really, really don't want to do that, but I may not have much of a choice. Apparently my credit history, which is pretty hideously farked up for a number of reasons, is getting in the way, but there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe it wouldn't be such a problem if I weren't so picky about where I want to live (like, not in Minneapolis or St. Paul) but I am, so there you are.

In the meantime, Diversicon 14 was a lot of fun, if a bit strenuous.

I wasn't expecting any help in setting up the anime presentation, but tjstriker was at the convention and helped me set up on Saturday night. The original plan was to set up Friday night, but I was so tired when I got in to the hotel that it just wasn't going to happen. I spent most of Friday evening (after my 6 o'clock panel) lugging stuff up to the extremely capacious room Rick had arranged for us, hanging out in the lobby chatting with people, and playing Zar in Krushenko's until 3 AM.

Saturday morning I was roused too late to catch the breakfast buffet, but not too late to meet stuckintraffik, who not only had called me to wake me up after the wake-up call didn't happen, but was bringing me the missing screen and hard drive from the Room Party Kit. After getting the stuff, I showered and ate breakfast (thanks to the waitress who was kind enough to take a breakfast order just after the 11 AM deadline) and then went up to get things ready for the StippleAPA collation. Oddly enough, due to scheduling issues, I wouldn't actually be at the collation; I had a 2 PM anime panel that I had to attend. This is the second collation that's worked out that way, actually. Anyway, the panel went well, and when I went back up the collation was still underway - Jeff and Val and Blue and Sybil were still collating , and I wound up proofing and stapling the issues with them. I then went down and did lunch (dinner?) with Val and Sybil and Jeff, after which Sybil asked me to run out to the grocery. Since I needed to pick up some stuff for the AD room party anyway, it was no big deal to get Sybil's stuff while I was there.

tjstriker helped me get things together when I got back from shopping, and we kicked it off at 8 PM with the usual anime music videos. Those attracted about 6-8 people, and around 10 PM Anna showed up and we started the "Anime 101" presentation. That went well - we played some segments from various anime and discussed the shonen and shojo genres as well as some tropes common to both...and that took it up to about 2:30, at which point everybody was getting pretty ragged, so we called it a night.

Sunday, more of the same...slept through the buffet again, packed up the room party kit with tjstriker's help, ate lunch, and made it to my second panel on time. After that, I just hung out and waited for closing ceremonies. The convention had more energy than in past years, which I think had a lot to do with the new hotel. Things weren't so spread out as they were at the Days Inn, and it seemed to me that there were a fair number of new people as well as some other folks back who hadn't been to Diversicon in a few years. So the warm body count was up from last year; maybe 103 people. It's progress.

Now here I am hanging around the Consuite, doing the dead dog thing and watching Donnie Darko. Think I'll head home and crash out after this.
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