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I want your computer to die, Mr. Bond.

Casting dietary caution to the winds, I met up with Josh last night and did dinner at Fuddrucker's, they of the enormous hamburgers. We settled for the merely excessive half-pounders and talked about the bizarre taxonomy of music at Cheapo, a game that allowed you to beat the bejesus out of rappers, and the perennial fount of rage that is Frank Thomas. Like myself, Josh isn't really at home here; he grew up somewhere else and wound up here as an adult, and he doesn't have the local ties to people and places any more than I do. It gives us both a different perspective on things. Anyway, the whole point of the evening for me was to confirm that he's doing better now, with his job in some other corner of the Evil Banking Neighbor, and this seems to be the case. Yay!

Couple of days back radio_gnome commented on this post which mostly concerned mix CDs, and suggested I drop by his streamcast, Radio Hidebound. Did that last night, and it was worth the bandwidth if you're in the mood for edgy, alternative synthpop along the lines of Kate Bush, Modern English, Echo and the Bunnymen, Jane Siberry, Peter Gabriel, Guadalcanal Diary u.s.w.. It reminded me very much of WGTB down home in the old days before I joined the Army, or Rev105 locally; nothing too far out like the Residents, but a lot of odd, quirky stuff that didn't make Billboard's Hot 100 for more than a nanosecond, if at all. Stuff off the rest of the albums by one-hit wonders like Gary Numan, for example. I liked it, but as usual YMMV.

As for this morning, security updates to my workstation left it dead in the water and needing a bootdisk, which for some dumb reason I don't have. This defiiciency will be corrected this morning, but in the meantime my former boss loaned me his; apparently I am not the first person to find their box crippled by the well-meant fumblings of Network Support. And the great capitalist lurch forward continues.
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