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Interviews worth your time

Couple of Camille Paglia interviews out, one mainly relating to her new poetry anthology Break, Blow, Burn and another by Virginia Postrel in Reason magazine on more general cultural and political topics. Both well worth reading, of course. Paglia may be the last leftist on the national stage whose opinions I actually respect and honor, and she's been a big part of the reason I'm working on changing careers and going into teaching.

Professor Death is apparently taking a busman's holiday, as he inaugurates his Tech Central Station column today with an interview with S.M. Stirling. (Via Mike Totten @Instapundit.

Update: Megan McArdle, a.k.a Jane Galt has an interesting post at Instapundit riffing off a WaPo article on how high-paying jobs are sometimes boring too. In a way, it relates to comments in the Paglia interviews on the disconnect between academics in the humanities and those of us in the working world, although Paglia's point has more to do with blue-collar workers, soldiers, policemen and firemen.
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