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Misadventures in audio

Burned a couple of mix CDs this week, and I'm already looking at re-doing one of them - the Peter Gabriel CD appears to have some bad tracks on it, both from the Security album. Fortunately the tunes are both on other anthology CDs that I own, so it shouldn't be a problem to re-rip the songs and burn a replacement. The other CD is the Ultravox mix, which I did this morning before work after listening to the recently-received Ha! Ha! Ha! CD and ripping "Frozen Ones" and "Fear In The Western World". Seems to have turned out okay so far.

Also finally got around to getting my library card out of hock. I dropped by the Southdale branch last night with the long-lost copy of 1633 and wrote them a check for the late fees. Picked up Larry Niven's Ringworld's Children, his The Magic Goes Away collection, and the John Ringo/Linda Evans Bolo novel The Road to Damascus. I generally like Ringo's SF work but don't know Evans; on the other hand, most of the stories written in the shared universe of the Bolo Combat Units since Keith Laumer's death have been good ones, so it should be decent brain candy at the very least.
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