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Programmed for success?

That was surprising. I had a couple of really bad days last week in which I blew all my allowed points and then some, but evidently I was getting enough walking in to offset that. Managed to drop a bit over two and a half pounds last week, which puts me back under 410 for the first time in a month. I thought for a while that since I'm more than 50 pounds over the max weight given on the "Points allowed" table that I might have additional wiggle room, and thus might not be exceeding the limits by as much as I thought, but it turns out that if Weight Watchers extended the table up through my weight it would still be only 3 additional points a day, which is nowhere near the 66 points I was in the hole for last week.

Either some of the points values for the things I ate were off, or I really was exercising more than I thought I was...either way, it worked out okay The PDA software helped a lot this week, even if it was a pain at times finding some of the things I was eating -the display needs to be a LOT wider for some of these lists to display properly.
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