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Not amusing enough

For various reasons - mainly lack of transportation and fatigue - I didn't attend the initial Diabegeek meeting, Coffee Cauldron or the Diversicon meeting last night. I just caught the 589 home, paid the rent, cleaned out the mailbox and went to bed after dinner. MPR was airing a performance of HMS Pinafore last night, which sounded amusing but not enough to stay awake for.

Cobb had a post this morning that set me off on a discourse about culture and ethnicity, but I need to spend some more time working on parts of that essay before it's ready to post. The essay will also reference a couple of posts he made earlier in the week that are probably going to make some folks on my f-list unhappy, but you can't please everyone all the time.

Among the things I managed to do yesterday at home before falling over was get the Weight Watchers software installed on my Palm. This is more sophisticated than the old freeware journal, though I'm not sure the built-in reference lists are all that...it's damn hard to sort out some of the longer item descriptions, and I get the impression that using this software is going to cost me $12.95/month to stay on board with WW Online. It's good, but I'm pretty sure it's not $12.95/month worth of good.
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