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Not exactly according to plan

I should have known better than to head over to the Source with more money than I needed to purchase For Whom The Bell Tolls. I should have just bought the game and then gone outside to drool over the game and wait for Scott. Instead, I paid for the game and then hung out inside the store for another hour, during which I picked up three more GURPS rulesbooks that I really didn't need* and a copy of the SubGeniusTM INWO game. Yes, they were all on sale, but really...I didn't need any of them, and what are the odds that I'm actually going to get to play INWO any time in the near future?

Missed the 589C that comes by a little before 7 and wound up hiking down to Old Shakopee and Nesbitt to catch the 589D. I actually ran most of the last block, which was not a good idea at all, since I was sweaty and overheated all the way into town. Hungry, too - fruit and yogurt and coffee does not quite make it as a breakfast, no matter how good it tastes. So it was that I found myself standing in line at Bruegger's. The only good news there is that after three bagels and a pint of orange juice, I may not need to eat again until around 3 PM.

If you're interested, there's a brief review of For Whom The Bell Tolls and the GURPS books after the cut.

Somewhere in my Big Stack O' Wargame Stuff I have a copy of The Grenadier magazine with "No Pasaran!", a nice little article on the Spanish Civil War that also included rules and paste-on counters that allowed you to convert the Spain and Portugal module for GDW's Europa series of games to a rather decent game on la Guerra Civil. I never got around to buying the module, which is just as well because eventually GRD bought the series from GDW and brought forth For Whom The Bell Tolls. While I liked the blue Nationalist counters and red Republican counters of "No Pasaran!" better than the yellow and purple of the GRD game, there's no arguing with the fact that the lads at GRD have a better game, and a more flexible one. The original module contained only the counters for the Spanish and Portuguese armies of WW2, which was the reason for the paste-on counters of "No Pasaran!", but For Whom The Bell Tolls has the whole kit and caboodle of units on all sides of the hideously complex Spanish Civil War, in which the main reason the Nationalists prevailed was because (imao) they managed to suppress their internal political struggles long enough to win the war, and the Republicans could not. Wonderfully complex political and replacement rules to cover the various forces and polities involved, and a nice optional rule allowing you to recreate the chaotic, confused and hyperviolent circumstances of the rebellion.
I'm really looking forward to playing this once I get into the new place.

The three GURPS books I picked up were Traveller: Ground Forces, written by Doug "Penguin Boy" Berry, Traveller: Alien Races 1 by David Pulver, and GURPS Undead, which tells me more thyan I ever really needed to know about necromancy under GURPS rules. The Traveller books are very nice; Doug's book has a modular vehicle design section which could come in very handy, while Pulver's book covers the telepathic Zhodani, the lupine Vargr, and two other races from the Zhodani/Vargr end of things. Interesting stuff.
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