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Mmmm. Friday.

Well, this day went unusually well. True, I didn't get out the door early enough to catch the bus across the street, but I did catch it at the Park & Ride, and since the traffic was so minimal I made it downtown in time to do breakfast at Peter's. Sometimes you just get tired of the Egg McMuffins, you know? Work was work...steady enough to keep me busy, but not too busy to peck away at the Harry Potter/Utena fanfic I'm working on-

Door crashes open. An obviously irritated Reiko Honjou stomps in and leans heavily on the author's shoulder. "And you're wasting time on that cr@p when you could be finishing MY story?

Um...yeah. I promise to get that chapter finished this weekend, though! Really!

Reiko looks skeptical. Suuure. I'll let it go this time.
slouches out the door, slamming it behind her

Maybe I should have made her less like Ryoko and more like Miho...nah, that would never work. Anyway, best part of today was the e-mail from TPTB releasing us from work at 2 PM, which allowed me to hang out and decompress until it was time to catch the first bus back to the park & ride, pick up a six-pack of Negra Modelo, and get home to some fresh home-cooked chili. Thanks, Melody!

So now I've finished all my e-mail, replied to most of the comments on my LJ, and I'm going to fire up Cowzilla so I can indulge in some C2P2 conquer-the-world mania before bedtime. Some days just rock.
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