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Not getting that happy payday feeling

Or, My Financial Skills Are Pastede On, Yay!

This morning I woke up after 5.5 hours of sleep and felt, somehow, good to go. Then I looked at my account on wellsfargo.com and wanted to just crawl back under the poncho liner and fade back into unconsciousness...it's been a bad month for keeping the expenses down, and I have enriched my WFC stock value infinitesimally by taking repeated beatings of the overdraft kind. Which does me no good at all right now, of course. In the meantime, I still have to scrape together the cash to make the truck payment and the insurance (both of which are overdue), to say nothing of the deductible on the fender repair. The folks who are holding my note on the truck seem inclined to refinance the loan to cover this, and maybe a little extra, so at least that's not going to be a problem. Of course I'll be paying on the truck for longer than I originally was, but that's the way this works. At least I have some resources and options here.
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