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All hands on deck

WHAT Moving Party

WHEN Saturday, August 27; possibly Sunday 8/28 as well if things get screwed up.

WHERE Loadout is at 10600 Brunswick Road S #301, Bloomington MN map & directions here, dropping stuff off at 1010 Lake Street East, Hopkins (apartment TBA) and someplace in the 4600 block of 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis. (Ask phoenixalpha, I have no idea where the place is myself.)

WHO Hopefully as many of you as possible, although obviously we're not going to be insulted if those of you in other states can't make it. Fluids will be provided during the move, more fluids (and food) afterward. BYOB.

Most of the stuff being moved will be boxes and crates; there are some heavy items that we're getting a furniture dolly for. Thanks in advance for your help!

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