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CONvergence volunteer party

It was okay. I'm not that enthused about the T-shirt design, but it's free and it fits, so I can't complain too much. Got there about an hour late, talked to a whole mess of people, played The Great Dalmuti with thaadd, tj_striker and some other folks, left around 0030 when the Diet Coke ran out. Except for the pretzels, most of the edibles were candy or stuff like Twinkies, but I managed to restrain myself fairly well in spite of not really having had dinner beforehand.

It was ungodly hot and humid when I arrived and just as bad when I left. Today looks to be more of the same; there's some rain on the radar but it looks like most of it will pass south of the cities and do us no good at all. Well, might as well get up, get showered, get the truck refueled and sometime before the Minnetoko meeting, find the copy of Princess Nine that tokenfanboy loaned me. I know it's around here somewhere.
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