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Not the right man for the job

I was asked the other night if I'd consider being a guest wrangler at Anime Iowa.

"That depends," I said. "Who do you want me to be looking after?"
"[artist from Texas]," she said.
"I don't think that'd be a good idea," I replied, "since [artist] owes me fifty bucks. Or some art. This would be from two years ago at AI."
"Oh...that could be a problem, considering you're supposed to be making [artist] happy."
"Yeah. I'd be more like, 'Give up the art, biyotch!' since [artist] already cashed my check."
AI staffer goggles. "[artist] what?"
"Mmm-hm. [artist] cashed my check. I e-mailed [artist] twice after that and never got an answer, so I'm going to be looking [artist] up and getting some art or some cash back. That might get in the way of making [artist] happy, I'm thinking."
"Yeah, maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea."
"Thanks for asking, though."