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That could have gone better

Well, I paid for my extra hour of PTO this morning by getting hassled by my boss. I really should have called her instead of leaving word with one of the clerks in the section, but I was running late and had to go...anyhow, one of our stupid lizard-brained retardsusers didn't notice that his second file hadn't loaded until Monday afternoon, and of course I was gone by then so nothing could be done about it. I took care of it this morning, but had I come back yesterday afternoon as I originally planned it would have been dealt with then. Sigh.

Dropped off Melody at the Normandale Lake Towers for her interview with Office Team, which is well pleased with her mad typing skilllz and will pay me a referral bonus when they assign her out. This is good, because I need the money very badly. The dropoff meant that I had to take the 588 in and subject myself to brainless chatter from a couple of Edina women seated right in back of me, and get to work 15 minutes late into the bargain.

Time to gird my loins and find out how much weight I added on this last week. I should have gotten more sleep and not eaten so damn much, but it's water under the bridge now.
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