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Digitize this!

The doctor's appointment went well enough, though I was pretty hacked off at having to fill out the same damn paperwork I fill out at every HealthEast clinic regarding my insurance and medical history. You want to cut the cost of health care, digitize all that crap so people don't spend 10-15 minutes filling out forms every time they have an appointment and the receptionists/clerks don't have to enter it all, duplicating something that's already been done a dozen other times at other clinics. Anyway, she says that the damage in my leg is to the lymph system and the veins, that the itchy spot on the left foot is fungus, not lymphatic irritation, and the dark patches on my legs are due to a weird melatonin upsurge that happens a lot when the lymph system gets swamped. She sent me home with another wad of papers - prescriptions for pressure stockings, physical therapy, and some topical antifungal, plus some orthotics that I already have.

I still had the rest of the afternoon ahead of me, since I'd taken half a day of PTO on account of the weather being so nice, so I picked up Melody on my way through downtown and headed home. Put up a bunch of CDs on eBay, ate dinner, played catch-up on AFU, and am considering an early bedtime. Yes, I suppose I should go take care of some of this stuff tonight, but I think the dermatologist knows better than a vein specialist what the crap on my skin is, and the other stuff can wait until tomorrow. I'm tired, depressed for no apparent reason aside from fatigue, and I say the hell with it.