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What if...?

Aside from the temptations of slash, crossovers, self-inserts and continuation fics, fanfic writers like to fiddle around with that question. I'm no different. "After The Revolution", a Revolutionary Girl Utena fic set after the last Black Rose duel, was posted to alt.fan.utena last week (May 21) and should be appearing on rec.arts.anime.creative after it gets moderated.

On a related topic, I got a note from Geocities telling me that my home page hadn't been messed with in a while and I ought to do something with it. I suppose since I have some new fanfic to add in there I should go over and do things with the site...we'll see.

(EDIT 10/19/06) Eventually I did go through and edit the Geocities site, and "After the Revolution" wound up on the Utena fanfic page along with "Global Replacement", which has the original ending to Blood Red Skies.