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Beatdown, GOP style

Cobb had a post the other day which I didn't post about at the time since I was pretty unfocused and not thinking much about political stuff. On re-reading it this morning, though, I think he's fallen into a classic race-relations trap, which is to say looking at everything in terms of the white/black dichotomy, and not looking hard enough at the other elements in the party. He refers to a post by Nelson Taylor about Country Club Republicans and Right Wing Socialists which also suffers from oversimplification. Taylor misidentifies the Right Wing Socialists as "fascists" and equates them to the Conservative Christians, which is dead wrong on both counts. I don't deny that there are some of those folks out there, and they certainly make a lot of noise, but they're not as numerous or significant as Taylor or the MSM (pace the Soros/Kos/Dean Democrats) would have you believe.

First of all, the real fascists left the party a long time ago, or never joined up in the first place. Hammerskins and white nationalists haven't been welcome in the GOP for years (not that a lot of them were interested to begin with), and the smackdown of Trent Lott a couple of years back as the result of his stupid comments at Strom Thurmond's birthday party should have been all the proof of that anyone needed. Secondly, most conservative Christians are more libertarian in their approach to government, in that they want the government (especially the judiciary) to quit messing with them and their kids.

Taylor's right about the Country Club Republicans; a lot of these people are RINOs who are neither fiscal conservatives nor social conservatives, and they're already marginal WRT the national party. Many of them have defected to the Democrats or just sat on the sidelines. However, he completely leaves out the "hard" libertarians (which includes black Republicans like Cobb) and the non-theocratic social conservatives (like a lot of black Christians who have quietly started voting Republican because they can't stomach being lined up with Maxine Waters and Cynthia McKinney any more).

Cobb, on the other hand, forgets that blacks aren't the only minority group in the GOP, and maybe not even the largest. There's a lot of Hispanics that don't like the plantation attitude of the Democratic party, quite aside from the Cubanos who never got on board the donkey to start with on account of the Dems being soft on Castro. There's also a lot of Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese...need I go on? Bottom line is, the party is bigger and more complicated than their model accounts for, and you pay a price for oversimplifying if it leads you to believe things that aren't true.

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