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Falling off the sleep cycle, getting on again, falling off again...

I'm not sure I really got any sleep last night, but apparently I did since I got up at 0545 and fiddled with the laptop instead of snoozing in the cuff for another 15 minutes as I normally would...actually, normally I'd reset the alarm for another 30 minutes of drowsing after getting the cuff off.

Ran all the errands that needed running last night except for getting the watch band repaired/replaced, which I guess I can do today after work or maybe over lunch, since I have a couple of CDs to mail out from last week's auctions. About half the CDs didn't sell, which is not good...I need to be increasing my income from eBay since things are kinda crunchy on the financial front. My own fault, really, since I haven't been as careful about maintaining the checkbook as I really ought to have been, and have been dinged by the Evil Banking Neighbor accordingly. That has to change or I'm really going to be in the soup. For now, time to grab a cup of coffee, hit the shower, and get rolling. Supposed to see the vein specialist today, and we'll see what kind of good news she has for me.
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