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Save them! Trade them! Collect the whole set!

The somewhat official Wombat-socho trading card.
Gacked from draconity's website, via revolutionaryjo.

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 2717938
Date Created:2004-04-03
Number of Posts: 827

Senior Sergeant Wombat is a large, slow-moving science fiction fan and wargamer who has become an otaku late in life. Due to his sedentary habits and poor vision, he is often found sitting down indoors listening to metal, alt.country, or electronica while doing pointless things on the computer. He is not often seen outdoors, especially in the winter or summer.
Strengths: Wombat-socho is gregarious and prefers the company of his own kind; fortunately he was a wide definition of what his kind is and is equally happy with otaku, baseball fans, costumers, SF fans, Trekkies and gamers. He quickly masters most software.
Weaknesses: Wombat-socho unfortunately also has a wide definition of acceptable foods, which has led to his present ponderous size. His loyalties are feudal and his capacity for carrying grudges seemingly infinite, though he is also quick to forgive.
Special Skills: Small arms repair, trivia, small unit leadership, anime convention organization, writing, spreadsheet-fu, FOCUS-fu.
Weapons: RL: Makarov 9mm, M16A1
HALO: Shotgun, rocket launcher, beam rifle, sniper rifle
Motto: Fatti Maschi, Parole Femine

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Brought to you by crossfire
Tags: memeage

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