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Bizarre link of the day

GVDL quotes somebody going off on the "information superhighway" metaphor in a new and extremely disturbing way. Not sure I like the characterization of AOL and its users, having been one since 1994 (and earlier), but it's not my rant.

You have to admit, it would make one hell of a game for the XBox 360.



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Jul. 15th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Odd that he mentioned you dead... perhaps you've got an internet stalker? I'm sure the whole thing was just a smokescreen to get 'dead wombat' on the screen. That must be it. ;)
Jul. 15th, 2005 06:38 pm (UTC)
I was more worried about the Ebola thing, actually...I knew I was losing weight, but that's a bit of a stretch. ^^
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