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The evolution will not be televised due to organizational problems

Last night's Diversicon meeting reminded me why I haven't missed them very much and also gave me some insight on where my own leadership skills in meetings came from. Don't get me wrong, I like Eric Heideman a lot. He knows SF like nobody else in this town since Scott Imes died (well, maybe Denny Lien knows more, but I wouldn't put money on it) and from all accounts has doen a great job with Tales of the Unanticipated, but he cannot run a meeting to save his life. We must have discussed and voted on T-shirt designs for over half an hour last night, using iterated voting, in spite of the fact that a number of designs were not ready to go to the printers and Rick's announcement that we were up against the deadline to get T-shirts done for D13. Add in the oppressive heat and humidity at Dulono's, and you had a truly miserable hour-long meeting.

The meeting aside, it looks like things are on track for what could be a small but moderately successful convention. The programming schedule is ready in rough draft form (all praise to Eric and Rebecca Marjesdatter) and looks busy as usual; it features a lot of local pros as well as heavy involvement by the Guests of Honor, Sheree Thomas and Minister Faust, one of the best Deep Space Nine episodes ever, as well as a Stipple-APA collation. PMF Johnson has apparently been working hard on publiicity, sending out press releases, working with publishers' publicity people to get some mention of D13 on local radio, and cranking out a thousand postcards featuring some really cool imagery from Minister Faust's website in order to attract attention to the convention. As he said at the meeting, "If we get two walk-up memberships from this it'll have paid for itself." Very true, and more than has been done these last few years.

I'll be penciled in on a couple of the anime panels; the other panels that I might have been interested in already have four or five panelists, and I'd be happy to hang out in the audience for those. Anna Waltz wants to do an "Anime 101" party to introduce people to anime without having to go through the headaches of getting permissions, which we'd have to do if we made it part of the convention programming, and we'll have to talk about that.

There's still time to register at the reduced rate - if you get your registration in the mail today (Bastille Day, July 14) it's $30 for adults and $20 for students; at the door prices are $40 and $30, respectively.
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