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"I open the door again." "You die again."

Among other coolness, the CD included with the hardback edition of John Ringo's Hell's Faire has a rulesbook for an RPG set in the Legacy of the Alldenata universe. It's based on the D20 Open RPG system that Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro developed (which means it still has that sucky hit point-based combat system rooted in the original D&D rules) and looks quite playable - unless you're silly enough to try and do a campaign set in the time of the four novels. One thing that should become immediately apparent from even a cursory reading of Ringo's novels is that anyone getting into a standup fight with the Posleen is going to get wasted - and eaten - unless one of three conditions is true. One, you're in a fortified position with lots of artillery and the Posleen have no landers, B-Decs or C-Decs. Two, you're in a fortified position with lots of artillery and at least two SheVa guns, and the Posleen don't have very many landers, B-Decs, etc., in which case you can probably blow away most of the Posleen "air support" and get back to the relatively happy first scenario. Three, you are in a fortified position with the ACS in support, lots of artillery, plenty of cluster-bomb nukes, plenty of SheVa guns (preferably including Bun-Bun) and a chunk of the Fleet showing up at the last minute. Even with all those good things going for you, the odds of any individual PC surviving the battle are about as good as those of a British rifleman at Ypres, or perhaps a German tank driver at Kursk. All in all, I'd rather be in Philadelphia, since it's a fortress city. The suggested campaign scenarios set after the novels, when humanity is reconquering the lands taken by the Posleen and dealing with the obnoxious alien pests the Posleen brought with them (abat, grat, and feral Posleen) sound much more fun and survivable. Not that I'm likely to find the time to test that theory any time soon.

And yes, I'm up way too late again. Bad habits die hard.
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