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Weird coincidences

It's always a strange experience going through my father's CDs. A lot of the music is either original tunes from the Jazz Age and the Depression digitally remastered onto CD, or it's period music being performed by repertory bands trying to recreate the sound and spirit of the great jazz artists (black and white) of that era. Once in a while I get a real surprise, such as discovering that Julie London had a career as a torch singer before becoming the star of Emergency!, which was a staple of my TV watching back in the day. Today I got another surprise, a little closer to home, as it were.

It got kind of bizarre today, though. I was going through the liner notes of an Ian Whitcomb CD looking for recording date information, and there's a sideways reference to William Gibson's Gernsback Continuum. You don't expect that kind of cross-fertilization of swing bands, fun fairs and Frank R. Paul SF art in the liner notes of a CD full of novelty songs. That's regrettable; I think SF has been awfully dark and serious of late and could use a little comedy and light-hearted fun.
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