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Welcome to the sweat pit

I suppose I shouldn't complain too loudly. The AC unit in my bedroom would certainly be doing a better job if management had cleaned the radiator fins sometime in the last two years, but as it is, it's at least doing a tolerable job of sucking out the humidity. The less said about the living room unit, the better. It was never really big enough to cool that room, much less the kitchen and Melody's living room, and since I'm not about to leave my bedroom door open (am NOT allowing cats in my bedroom) the apartment never cools down properly. Of course, since my unit is barely enough to keep my room cool, I don't think it would help much if I did leave my door open, so...

Tried to unsubscribe from AOL on Friday and once again failed miserably. The CSR managed to convince me that paying $7 a month for the virus scan and other servies they provide was a better deal than not having the service at all, and she also got me off the $15/month plan that gave me no dialup hours. So I came out ahead, sort of, I think.

The heat this weekend has had a strange effect on me. I don't feel bad when I'm out in it, so much, but it just drains me mentally - makes it hard to think and to get anything done, and when I'm in an air-conditioned space I feel like I'm in recovery mode and once again don't get anything done. There's a whole week of this coming up, so I need to get my act together and start cranking on things. I can't blame the Keflex for everything.
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