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Deep down inside, you feel your temperature rise

This has been a long day, and I think I'm just going to do the cuff and call it a night. Up way too early and out to help thaadd...didn't make it up there until 0745, but I chopped and trimmed and helped do up a mess of sandwiches before I had to leave and do the apazine thing. Got the current 'zine copied and dropped off at Jeanne's and then got back on 36 and 35E for the run to MCAD. I made it there only five minutes late for the hotel committee meeting, and we covered a fair amount of ground before we adjourned at 1300 for the regular meeting.

Most of that was taken up with discussion of CONvergence (lessons learned & problems to be avoided), introduction of new people, and reminders concerning the picnic for later this month, the JCC proposal, and staffing for the AD room party at Anime Iowa.
We covered all that and a little bit of the usual BS and sidechatter by 1500, hung around to talk about ops and parental guidance issues, and then about purely social stuff until about 1600 when I took off to pick up apazines.

Got to the collation site just too late to see the others who had attended, but as a consolation Jeanne showed me a couple of Ray Harryhausen's early short films from his Army days. They were cute! Kind of like watching an invisible child play with his army men, and Tonka toys. The Guadalcanal film was especially cool, with the obviously toy bombers blowing up the Japanese carrier and battle wagon before laying waste to the base so carefully built by the Emperor's Invisible Ninja Engineers. ^_^ Afterward, I wound up going out to Culver's with jolest and Jeanne but restricted myself to a dish of custard since I'd already eaten a late lunch on the way over.

Then home, to take medication and lie around listening to random .wma files while bashing this out in between looking at mail, other peoples' LJ posts, staring into space...
Tags: anime detour, the bush of fandom
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