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All TVP is not created equal

Part of the leftovers salvaged from consuite this year were some big honking bowls of Thai instant ramen, which I discovered today (to my sorrow) were vegan. Now, don't get me wrong; I have no beef with people who decide that's the way they want to eat. It's their body and I could care less what they shovel into it (as long as it's not other people) and as long as they don't try to ram their dietary opinions up my snout. I REALLY hate that. However, there was no indication that the Stewed Duck was actually mock duck, and as it turned out it tasted okay, so no big deal.

Today's TVP Pork with Mustard Root, OTOH...

...man, this was awful stuff. The pseudo-pork has a really nasty mouthfeel, quite aside from resembling worms, and there was a packet of something that resembled onions and wasn't. I couldn't finish it and wound up getting a couple of tacos instead, after rinsing out my mouth and doing a little moisturizing with cocoa butter to kill the smell.
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