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This doth suck greatly.

Tomorrow's the MISFITS Geek Day/All Ships Day at Valleyfair, and the Gothlet and I would have been going...except that my Reading instructor (yeah, I'm in an MA program, and taking Reading. Massive suckage.) decided to pick this Saturday to make up for a couple of the Thursday nights we're not having class. So instead of going to Valleyfair with those of my kind, I'm going to be sitting in a classroom learning about reading.

Personally, I don't have a lot of sympathy for kids who make it to their junior year without learning to read. You've had ten years in the public schools, maybe more, and you haven't figured out yet that this business of interpreting the black symbols on white paper (or on a computer monitor) is kind of important, could maybe get you a good job? Is your pride that fscking important? Apparently the faculty expects all of us teaching at the senior high level to be aware of "differently skilled" kids and make allowances...not this teacher, baby. You can't read, you will fail. You ask for help, I'll give it, but in a class of thirty-plus kids, I'm not going to be the one checking to see if your reading skills are up to par. Swallow your pride and get a clue, child. Don't cost nothin'.

Oh, yeah. This instructor is pushing the "standardized tests don't mean anything" junk. What total and complete BS. I can buy the argument that they shouldn't be the sole criterion by which a school is judged, but so much of the anti-testing hype out there is just shameless crap peddled by people who know better.
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