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Holes in my foot, leaks in my head

Most of this evening was spent going to Urgent Care or the pharmacy, and the net result is a bottle of Cephalexin, which I'll be nibbling away at for the next ten days since the hole in my foot has, of course, become infected. Grabbed a large roast beef at Arby's on the way back, added carrots and broccoli with a puddle of dressing when I got home, and that was dinner. I spent an hour in the cuff getting the fluid squeezed out of my leg while browsing LJ, and now it's time to crash so I can suit up in whatever I can pull together in the morning, since laundry didn't get done as I'd been told it would be.

First, though, a meditation on bangers and manhood and the black political spectrum, which has particularly interesting differences from the Hispanic political spectrum.

I have to rethink the amount of work I put into CONvergence this year. Yes, most of it was fun, but I did some pretty stupid things this year that I really don't want to repeat. Some of the stupidity was fairly short-term in its effects, but other parts could really screw me up down the road, and that part of the road isn't so far off these days.