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That was the weekend that was...

...and it was quite the weekend. Long-ass, admittedly incomplete post about Convergence follows:

Saturday went by in a blur after I did my two panels (Foreign Comics with Abby Lehrke and Superhero Domination of Comics with Daren Johnson) because it was all about the con suite, baby. Soup prep and sandwich lines and pizza lines and Leann Chin and water changes and garbage hauling plus all the other little things that go into providing noshes and fluids for all those folks that stream through the consuite. Convergence puts out more of a spread than we do, and soaks up more money/staff/volunteers than we do as a consequence, but people really appreciate it, especially the younger ones who are pleasantly surprised by the bounty of fresh fruit and veggies and cookies and...yeah, stop me before I babble on again. I had a blast doing it, of course, because the Goon Squad (Nick, Victor, and Crash) plus Ellie-sama, Omaha, Gut and danae did a really good job as sub-heads, and the regular volunteers like Gypsy and Will (Suit Guy) know their roles and really do a lot; they're practically sub-heads without portfolio. We also had a lot of help from folks who came down and badged for a couple of hours, helped fill up the trays and bowls when the chips were down (to say nothing of the pretzels) and even washed out crockpots and trays.

ISTR that I split my time about half and half between badging and Suite Thanging, which was about the right mix. I did get a little sore, but I usually didn't have to sit down more than a few minutes to feel better. My feet and legs didn't bother me much in spite of my managing to stab a fresh hole in the bottom of my right foot late Saturday night/Sunday morning after I got home...still not sure how I did that, but it hurt like hell at the time and bled a bit, and is still a little tender. Anyway, I was in the consuite from a little after 1500 on Saturday afternoon until a bit after 0100 Sunday, at which point I wandered off and looked in on a couple of room parties before winding up at the AD room party around 0200 beforetjstriker closed it down and I left at 0300.

A few hours of sleep later and I was back for the Fandom Subcultures panel with Anna Waltz and Lee Schneider. Anna and I have worked together on a fair number of panels at Diversicon and Minicon, but Lee Schneider I didn't know. He turned out to be an older fellow (I'm guessing late 50s, early 60s) who had some ideas about fandom basically all coming from one literary root, which Anna and I thought was nonsense, although we were more polite about it than that. The panel was surprisingly well-attended for the time it was scheduled and people took an active part in the discussion, which is always a good sign. Anna and I went off to breakfast afterward...well, I had breakfast and she had tea, since she'd already eaten. We had a good talk about Diversicon, family, and other fun stuff, and then I headed over to the dealer's room.

I saw some stuff I was mildly interested in at the Dreamhaven table, but most of the vendors seemed to be flogging jewelry, dolls, clothing or ironmongery, none of which I had much interest in. There were a couple of anime vendors, but only a couple of booksellers, which was somewhat disappointing since Convergence is supposedly an SF convention and (I think) ought to be ensuring that we're getting the fans who came in through the movie & TV fandoms familiarized with the classics that made SF what it is today. Anna said that we're in danger of losing some of our culture because a lot of the young fans aren't familiar with Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, del Rey and the other Golden Age authors, and I think she's right. After that I had a long talk with Scotty MacKlingon outside the Dealers' Room, while people mistook us for badgers. He's of the opinion (reinforced by experiences at the blogging panel and a remark in questionable taste by Lee at the Subcultures panel) that we ought to hold a local convention for Republican/conservative fans, since the predominant politics of the Convergence Powers That Be seems to be leftist and a lot of panelists tend to assume that their fellows are likewise politically liberal. (Obviously not in my case.) I told him it sounded like an interesting idea, and there might just be enough libertarians and conservative fans to make it work. We'll see what happens.

The conversation made me miss the post-mortem, but it was worth it. Went on back to the consuite afterward, did a little filling and garbage tossing followed by badging until there was no further need for it, at which point thaadd stuck me with the radio and escaped to the hot tub, which I really couldn't fault her for since she had worked damn hard (and would do so again on Monday). vwbuglover came by and talked for a while before wandering off to get a bottle of wine, from which journey she never returned. thaadd came back and we almost got into a game of Catan with Don, but it got late, so much so that I chose to crash in the now-vacant room 1804...and I'll finish this tomorrow, I think.
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