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"So, are you going to blog this?"

Well, since barondave asked...^_^

Three panels and an oots less than eleven hours in the consuite; thus I supported CONvergence yesterday. After putting in a couple of hours on Thursday night in the consuite doing setup and some cleanup, that is. Well, somebody has to do it, and since I like working for/with/under thaadd, it might as well be me. The panels all went pretty well, although the one on "Blogging as Literature" got excessively mired in the political aspects of blogging and got a wee bit contentious. As usual, I was the lone conservative on the panel; fortunately only one of the other panelists was obnoxiously leftist, so it was mostly cordial and we panelists managed to stop at the "we'll agree to disagree" about this point on some points of controversy and move on. There was a lot of audience participation, which is always a good thing since if nothing else it takes the onus off the panelists to do all the talking. ~_^ Props to barondave and Elise Mathiessen for some very useful historical perspective, also to qob and sqotty who represented for the right side of the blogosphere. That made me feel a lot less like a Christian in the arena, which is sometimes the case for me at panels that get political.

Earlier in the day I did a panel on the Future of Star Trek, which surprisingly had few attendees (the Edina room was only about half full, if that) and in the evening I had the rare pleasure of being on a panel with thaadd, who is evidently quite the gamer and has pretty much every Settlers of Catan game out there and most of the expansions, which was good since I was only familiar with the original game and the online version. (I have a passing acquaintance with Starfarers of Catan, but not enough to really talk intelligently about it) Managed to hold up my third of the panel by making general observations about gaming, and people seemed pleased with the panel, so that's really all that matters.

And speaking of panels, I need to knock this off, get showered and dressed, and get my butt back to the hotel so I can do the panels on Foreign Comics and superhero domination of comics, after which it's back to my galley slave/scullery boy life in the consuite. Which is the way I want it. ^^

As far as dietary management goes, I managed not to stuff my face with too much in the way of things I shouldn't have, with the exception of a couple of cookies, a slice of pound cake and a handful of Reese's Pieces, so my blood sugar was in pretty good shape this morning.
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