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they're not lesbian, they're just drawn that way

Got a chance to take a gander at Steel Angel Kurumi 2.0: The Lips Of A New Master from the folks who brought us the first season's worth of Kurumi. Our favorite scatterbrained robot bodyguard/maid now is looking after a middle-school aged cello player (Nako), who is the object of affection of neighbor and rich girl Uruka...okay, we can see how this is going already, right? More comedy, less drama, cute robot dog that does cool stuff for Kurumi like allow her to fly, swim like a mermaid and no doubt more cool stuff as the series progresses. Did I mention the magical girl transformation sequence before Kurumi takes on the killer robot that Uruka's doting father sends to waste her? Anyway, this is more fun and less serious than the original series.

Geobreeders: Breakthrough, on the other hand, was disappointing. The running joke about Taba getting stuck with all the dirty work was starting to wear thin before the end of the first Geobreeders OVA series, and the gals of Kagura seem decidedly less effective and interesting in the sequel as well. At least the closing sequence was funny, and the interview with the director explained a few things not immediately obvious from watching the series - such as the fact that they did the OVA as a continuation of the manga instead of a translation. Thanks a lot, you bakas.
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