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Nothing's feeling new

As much as I ought to push myself to stay up, burn some CDs, and write some papers for various classes, it's not going to happen because I've hit the wall...just an accumulation of minor physical stress plus the low-level pain from the biopsy.

The doctor's visit went about as well as I could have expected. The dermatologist was pretty horrified at how bad my leg and foot are, and is going to prescribe a pressure sleeve for the swollen leg to help relieve the swelling from the edema . I'll have to be fitted for that, but since I'll be going back in a couple of weeks to follow up on how the steroids are working, that won't be a big deal. At least I won't have to drive out to Woodbury for the fitting, which was the other and less desirable option. The biopsy? Yeah, the doc took a couple of ounces of oozing foot flesh off the top, from which she'll no doubt be able to discern much.

Apparently I wasn't too far off from developing ulcers on my leg, which would take forever to heal if they healed at all. In the meantime I need to keep the leg elevated, which is going to be quite a trick at work. I'll talk to my boss and see what we can do...obviously having Wells put a Barcalounger in my cube is right out, and I severely doubt they'll let me work from home although since 99% of what I do goes over the intranet anyway the technical aspects of telecommuting would be pretty trivial. There are Control Issues involved, and I think it'll be easier to get Wells to pop for a footstool or something to prop my leg up than it would be to get them to sign off on my working from home.

I'm not going to worry about it tonight, though. It's almost 2000, which means I can set my alarm for 0600 and get a lot of sleep.

One last thing...evening blood sugar was 108. This is the first day I've been in the normal blood sugar range alll day since...I don't know when. I'll have to look when I get to work tomorrow. *thud*
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