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Quick hits

About to sky out of here for my dermatology appointment, which will hopefully result in some elixir or emollient being prescribed for my excessively irritated feet, but a few things deserve to be passed on.

Finished mixing two CDs worth of White Zombie/Rob Zombie music last night before bedtime; oddly enough, the second CD only had about a hour's worth of music on it and so got padded out with some Lynch Mob and Cracker (from Kerosene Hat) to fill up all 80 minutes. Felt pretty good this morning despite only getting six hours of preventive eyelid maintenance...still no holes, thank goodness. The Cozaar appears to have started taking effect: despite not having exercised significantly today and eaten what passes for a normal breakfast these days (coffee, banana, english muffin & yogurt) my blood sugar is still in the green. That's almost scary.

Your daily fix of linkagery: Cobb meditates on how separated most people are from the violence all around them in "Too Real For Memos"; also check out the comic strips below it. Ann Althouse checks out King of the Hill and likes what she sees. She's not so crazy about Tom Cruise. GVDL has a whole raft of bizarre and interesting links of his own; also worth reading is his apology. Yes, it's all his fault. Just ask him.

No Megatokyo until tonight, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if Kimiko really did drag Piro off to do the wild thing or whether she's just yanking Erika's chain to get E. out of her moping. I'm thinkin' "B", myself.

As for last night's room party meeting, many evil plans were made and bad ideas hatched. You'll be sorry! You'll see! ^_^
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