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Social in spite of myself

I probably should have just stayed home and kept my leg elevated last night, but instead I decided to go over to the MNSTF meeting and wish mplscorwin a happy birthday. Which I did; skylarker was there, along with a lot of younger folks I didn't recognize, and a handful of the Old Guard who gave me the obligatory snubs. Haw! The open and welcoming arms of Minneapolis fandom, indeed! It made me feel all warm inside.

Didn't hang around long since phoenixalpha was intent on avoiding Mommie Dearest, and besides I wanted to swing by Claycon and do some of the kill-and-be-killed Unreal deal. Which we did; once phoenixalpha mastered the controls and unleashed her b33r-fueled 1337 skillz, she kicked much ass. It was fun to watch, and I enjoyed it tremendously since I usually got trapped in corners and croaked quickly. We took off a little after 2330, refueled the Sportage, and got home in time to catch the last half of Strictly Butter and the opening hour of the Root Man Show. Which kept me up way too late, but you know that already.
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