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Software frustrations

I'm beginning to think I'm not smart enough to deserve a computer. Spent the last hour rassling with Thunderbird (because OE is lame and extremely vulnerable to all the crap floating around out there) only to realize that the reason it wasn't sending was because I had the wrong port setting specified for the sendmail server. Wombat, you dumbass!

Extremely slothful and indolent today. Had originally intended to get up at 1130 and putter around doing mixes and homework, but as it happened I didn't rise until 2 and so far have accomplished...well, not a whole lot. Installing Thunderbird, cleaning up the desktop on the Deskpro...maybe I'll throw Office 97 on here too. Since I'm sitting around doing nothing anyway.

Update Finally whipped Thunderbird's newsreader into shape, so I can just go ahead and delete OE. Yay!

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